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Angular js is the front end web application development framework and this opensource web application framework has underlying use of java script. JavaScript and angular JS is supported by wide variety of the web browser which makes it one of the hottest framework for web development. Displaying the organized content and presenting information clearly and succinctly is the one of the main aim.

Answer to this is Angular JS, It lets you to extend HTML syntax and display application component clearly. Angular JS has powerful features such as data binding and dependency injection, which eliminate the much of the duplication during the web development phase. Less code means faster development and ease of maintenance. Angular JS lets you use the markup language such as HTML(5) as the template language. Angular JS also enables fast web development for the dynamic webpages and ease in maintenance of the same.
AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework used for building dynamic single-page applications. It is developed and maintained by Google and a community of developers and corporations.


  • Resource allocation (both human and materials)We provide with customized angular JS app. We comprehend that every business need is different. You might need a service, a feature or a tool which may be a total waste for other enterprise. Hence, we cater to the need of tailor need app.
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  • Smooth and extensive testing of the application is done by us. We make sure that the application is bug free.
  • Two-way data binding: AngularJS provides a powerful data binding mechanism that synchronizes the data between the model and the view automatically. This means that when the model data changes, the view is updated automatically, and vice versa.
  • Directives: Directives are a core feature of AngularJS that allow developers to extend HTML syntax and create custom HTML elements and attributes. Directives are used to add behavior to existing DOM elements or create new reusable components.
  • Dependency injection: Dependency injection is a design pattern that helps to make an application more modular and easier to test. AngularJS provides built-in support for dependency injection, which makes it easier to manage dependencies between different components of an application.
  • Controllers: Controllers are responsible for managing the data and behavior of a particular view. They act as a bridge between the view and the model, and are used to handle user interactions and update the model as needed.
  • Services: Services are used to encapsulate business logic and functionality that can be reused throughout an application. They are singleton objects that can be injected into other components, such as controllers, directives, or other servic
  • Templates: Templates are used to define the structure and layout of a view. They are written in HTML with embedded AngularJS expressions and directives that provide dynamic functionality and data binding.
  • Routing: Routing is used to define the navigation structure of an application. It allows developers to map URLs to different views and controllers, making it easy to create single-page applications with multiple views.
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