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About E Kart

Ekart provides you with a convenient way to sale from your grocery shopping app.


  • Package Tracking

    The application allows users to track the status and location of their packages in real-time. Users can input the tracking number or scan a barcode to get updates on their delivery.

  • Delivery Notifications:

    The app sends push notifications or SMS alerts to users, keeping them informed about the progress of their delivery. Notifications may include updates on pickup, transit, and estimated delivery time.

  • Delivery Scheduling:

    Users can schedule package pickups or choose delivery time slots that are convenient for them. This feature allows flexibility and ensures that the package is delivered when the recipient is available.

  • Address Management:

    The app may provide features for managing addresses, allowing users to save multiple delivery addresses and choose them during the checkout process. This simplifies the ordering process and ensures accurate delivery.

  • Delivery History:

    Users can access their delivery history within the app, allowing them to review past deliveries, track returns, and view order details.

  • Customer Support:

    The app may offer customer support features, such as a chat or messaging system, through which users can communicate with customer service representatives regarding their deliveries or any issues they encounter..

  • Ratings and Feedback:

    Users can provide feedback and rate their delivery experience within the app. This helps the service provider maintain quality standards and identify areas for improvement..

  • In-app Payments:

    Some delivery applications allow users to make payments within the app for services such as cash-on-delivery, additional charges, or return pickups.

  • Delivery Partners:

    The app may provide information about the delivery partners or drivers assigned to handle the package. This can include details such as the partner's name, contact information, and rating.

  • Integration with E-commerce Platforms:

    Delivery applications often integrate with e-commerce platforms, enabling seamless data exchange and order synchronization. This ensures that delivery information is accurately reflected within the app.

What The Project Means For us

E-Kart Grocery app can sale grocery product, preferred brands, kitchen needs, essential home supplies and more, through this online, one-stop grocery store. It provides you with a convenient way to sale from your grocery shopping app. You can use this app as one big super market app to sale product of your store. This app make easy for user to buy product from store with easy steps and store can get easy order.