System Testing

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System Testing

MVC : Model view controller is the software architecture pattern to implement the user interfaces, it is most popular development architecture for web application. It basically separates the application (web application) logic in to three separate parts. One for the UI(view), another business logic and third is data. This helps to have loose coupling with the data UI and Business logic. It increases the software maintanability and in case if new feature needed to be added it becomes very easy at the later stages.
System testing is a software testing technique that focuses on evaluating the complete and integrated software system to ensure that it meets the specified requirements and functions as expected. It aims to verify the system's compliance with functional, performance, security, and other non-functional aspects.

Scope:System testing occurs after integration testing and is typically the final testing phase before the softwar is deployed. It involves testing the entire system as a whole, including all integrated components, modules, and external dependencies.

Objectives:The primary objectives of system testing are to validate the system's behavior and functionality, verify that it meets the specified requirements, and ensure its overall quality, reliability, performance, and security.

Test Environment:System testing is performed in an environment that closely resembles the production environment to provide an accurate representation of how the system will perform in real-world scenarios

Functional Testing:Testing the system against functional requirements to ensure that it behaves as expected and meets the specified functionality.

Test Scenarios:System testing involves creating test scenarios that simulate real-world usage and cover end-to-end business processes or user workflows. Test scenarios are designed to exercise the system's functionality and uncover defects that may occur during normal operation.

Test Data:System testing requires representative test data that covers a wide range of scenarios, including positive and negative test cases, boundary conditions, and exceptional cases.

Test Execution: System tests are typically executed using a combination of manual and automated testing techniques.

Why System Testing?

We at CRJ Infotech committed to deliver the software with quality and with shorter turn around for new feature addition and maintenance. Web development is preferred using the MVC architecture pattern. Hence we have got expertise.

System testing provides an end-to-end evaluation of the software system, ensuring that it meets the required specifications and performs as intended. It helps identify any defects or issues that may impact the system's functionality, performance, security, or usability