Tomcat Web Server

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Tomcat Web Server

Apache tomcat is most commonly referred as tomcat server. It is open source java Servlet container again developed by Apache Software foundation. Tomcat is distributed under Apache License 2.0 which makes it totally free software. Tomcat is used to deploy Java servlet and JSP pages. Apache needed to be integrated with Tomcat, tomcat is basically is servlet and jsp server serving JAVA technologies. Like working with any java technology tomcat also makes the web pages totally platform independent.


  • Develop web applications and large-scale websites in a customized, flexible, lightweight framework.
  • Quickly implement and support web applications and websites.
  • Tomcat is primarily used as a servlet container or web server for Java-based web applications.
  • Tomcat is not a full Java EE application server but rather a servlet container that supports a subset of the Java EE specifications.
  • Tomcat can be used as a standalone web server, where it listens for HTTP requests and responds to them directly.
  • Tomcat is known for its lightweight and efficient design. It has a small footprint and requires minimal system resources, making it suitable for low-end hardware or environments where resource efficiency is crucial.
  • Tomcat provides a straightforward mechanism for deploying web applications.
  • Tomcat offers various configuration options to customize its behavior and performance.
  • Tomcat includes a built-in connection pooling mechanism for database access.
  • Tomcat incorporates security features to protect web applications and server resources.
  • Tomcat generates detailed log files that record server events, request processing information, and error messages.
  • Tomcat benefits from a large and active community of users and developers.

Why Tomcat Web Server?

Tomcat web server, the market-leading servlet container. Apache web server, the world's most popular web server, All the common modules and connectors for security and load balancing.

Tomcat is widely used for deploying Java-based web applications due to its simplicity, performance, and ease of configuration. It is a popular choice for development, testing, and production environments, serving as a reliable and scalable foundation for Java web applications.